How to use Linkedin Showcases pages to grow company advocates and reach out to differing audiences

Using Linkedin successfully for Company branding is about understanding the detail of lesser known features which are often free and seeing how these features are benefiting your Company Profile. Linkedin Company Showcase pages are one such feature. Company Showcase pages were introduced at the end of 2013 and replaced the company Product and Services tab on Companies Pages.

Showcase pages are a subcategory or extension of your Company page and allow you to clearly separate your messaging for each product audience without cluttering up a single Company Page as shown below:

lets Learn Digital Showcase Pages

So what are the specific benefits of using Showcase Pages for your business?\

• You can engage with specific customer segments
If you have clearly defined target audiences for differing products, or are trying to encourage specific consumer behaviour, Showcase pages offers you the ability to segment your users and the messaging for each product

• Customised content for specific audiences
Showcase pages give users of a specific product or service a place to visit for the latest information and updates for that product or service , rather than following the entire company page. Users can have access to focused content on the sole product or service they are interested in.

• You can use Linkedin advertising to reach to specific audiences
You can segment advertising options means that you can reach out to specific relevant Linkedin subscribers for each product

• Excellent design options and web real estate?
There is a space for a “hero image” at the top of every Showcase Page, where you can be creative with icons, graphics and photos. Linkedin allows on each Showcase pages a large custom banner, description, and direct link to your product.

New advocates or customers can follow the products and services they love directly, so you know exactly what people want when you are posting updates

Greater range of results if anyone is searching for your brand name in the Linkedin Search box. For example below shows the results for Microsoft with their showcase pages included
at the bottom of the brand results page:


So how do I set up Showcase page on my Company Pages?

To create a Showcase Page, go to your LinkedIn Company Page, click on the Edit menu drop down, and select Create a Showcase Page as shown below:


From here, the process is similar to how you set up your Company Page as shown below. You will add a 974x330px banner image, a description of your product or service, and a link to your product or service landing page:


The use and application of Company Showcase pages will be covered in our next Linkedin Training Course

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