Digital skills gap: how can modern marketers stay relevant?

As marketing jobs become evermore technical and data-driven, both academic and practitioner-led courses are under pressure to remain relevant, but there is a new approach argues David Reilly.

These are exciting times to be working in marketing, either as a client or in an agency academic. The whole field is changing. Mobile, big data, globalisation, the internet of things and real time being just a few of these dramatic changes which are transforming the environment. In fact CMOs believe technology is the single most important force shaping marketing now, according to IBM’s recent global C-Suite survey. However the pace of change means that the gap between the skills that marketers have and the skills that they need is growing. So how can marketeers stay relevant?

This is not a simple question to answer but a fundamental need is for students to commit to state of always learning new skills mode. This is not easy given the increasing demands of the job but marketers needs to invest consistently in applying themselves to new thinking and skills. Few employers are really set up to provide the kind of in-depth training that marketers need thus a flexible hands on approach to training is absolutely critical to flourish in the future.

We aim to make our digital training relevant to the future needs, engaging, practical and enjoyable. We will also challenge the view of these things as being specialised and difficult to learn, they are not with the right tutors and applied practical experience. We take our responsibility seriously to enable the next generation of students to develop the skills they need to be able to operate effectively in the new marketing environment.


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