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Our new chat bot, try it now

November 9, 2016

Below is our new Chatbot developed on the conversational Chat Bot platform API which will answer all your questions, enjoy and we welcome any comments

Free online resources to sharpen your digital marketing skills

June 23, 2014

The quality and access to free eLearning such as MOOCS (definition: Massive Open Online Course) has in my opinion improved dramatically in providing top quality learning content in easily assessable formats which can be learnt on the move.

This article recommends four free low cost quality eLearning resources for those seeking to get up to date with their digital skills . Our recommendations below are based on video format eLearning but it is important for you to understand your own preferential style of learning, whether that be through video, text or social Interaction. You can use this great tool here to learn more bout your learning style: http://www.learning-styles-online.com/inventory.

Below are my recommendations:

1) Coursera

A very popular US based Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with more than 4 million active students with access to over 370 free courses from 69 different partners, including distinguished US Ivy League universities like Brown, Columbia and Princeton.

I was impressed by how the course modules are organised logically, the quality of video tutorials and the assessment functionality integrated into the video to test student knowledge

In the context of learning digital marketing, Coursera is best for acquiring technology based digital marketing skills such as computer programming. All online courses are synchronous occurring in a specified time frame around a fixed start and finish date.

2) Future Learn

Future Learn is a recent ambitious UK Mooc (Massive Open Online Learning Course) owned by the UK’s Open University and  launched in December 2012. The vision is to inspire learning for life and provide a viable cost effective alternative to University education. They offer a diverse selection of free, high quality online courses in association with the UK’s world’s leading universities

The quality of thinking behind the user experience on Future Learn is excellent particularly how they have blended the video clips with comments allowing the elearner to control the comments through the function of ‘most Read’ See below  screen shot for example:


The only negative is that Future Learn doesn’t allow you to search on specific courses types like digital marketing but perhaps this is deliberate given the current the volume of courses available is limited. This is certainly a fantastic elearning platform to use and already the comments pages are very active.

Below are Future Learn recommended courses ideas:

How to giving an effective presentation:

How the web in changing the world:

An introduction to big data:

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Like Coursera all Future Learn courses are synchronous occurring in real time around a fixed start and finish date.

3) Moz

Not a Virtual Learning Environment as such but a US publishing website for all things SEO, paid media and digital marketing

Moz is an exceptional detailed and useful blog with constantly updated content particularly around major SEO updates

Use there excellent Beginners guide to SEO: http://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo

Also White Board Fridays videos buy the CEO Rand Fishkin:


Moz is an asyncrononous learning community allowing you to dip in and out when you wish

4) Google’s Youtube Channel

Google has for a long time championed the format of online video to communicate its new digital product offerings. For learning Google basics like analytics and webmaster tools the quality and instructional clarity of their videos are very clearly presented and well organised

Here are some great sources for you to start learning Google products:

Learning Google Analytics: https://www.youtube.com/user/googleanalytics/videos

learning Google Webmaster Tools:

Learning Google Adwords:

To conclude the key to success in using all the above learning tools is learning in a comfortable relaxed environment and understanding which form of content works best for your own style of learning.

Good luck and if you have and other recommendations to add to the above list please feel free to add below

Strategic considerations for bringing your SEO inhouse

April 9, 2014

The importance of SEO to digital marketing is still the most cost effective channel for customer acquisition, on average for major brands SEO referred website traffic can make up to half of the referred enquires and this can be more for bigger brands,and the speed and impact of recent Google updates, the recent Panda and Penguin updates as examples means that managing your SEO in-house makes strategic sense. The questions is can you afford to have a service like SEO which is so important to most business at arms length.

Heled Jones, inhouse SEO for Confused wrote an excellent Blog post regarding the pain of this realisation. I think the case is clear but these are some of the considerations:

  • Cost benefits of bringing it in-house- equipping you in-house with the necessary tools
  • Resourcing- How do we build a talented content outreach team for our vertical market
  • Measurement- What additional resources do we need inhouse to provide better management
  • Training- how do we train the team inhouse



Digital skills gap: how can modern marketers stay relevant?

March 4, 2014

As marketing jobs become evermore technical and data-driven, both academic and practitioner-led courses are under pressure to remain relevant, but there is a new approach argues David Reilly.

These are exciting times to be working in marketing, either as a client or in an agency academic. The whole field is changing. Mobile, big data, globalisation, the internet of things and real time being just a few of these dramatic changes which are transforming the environment. In fact CMOs believe technology is the single most important force shaping marketing now, according to IBM’s recent global C-Suite survey. However the pace of change means that the gap between the skills that marketers have and the skills that they need is growing. So how can marketeers stay relevant?

This is not a simple question to answer but a fundamental need is for students to commit to state of always learning new skills mode. This is not easy given the increasing demands of the job but marketers needs to invest consistently in applying themselves to new thinking and skills. Few employers are really set up to provide the kind of in-depth training that marketers need thus a flexible hands on approach to training is absolutely critical to flourish in the future.

We aim to make our digital training relevant to the future needs, engaging, practical and enjoyable. We will also challenge the view of these things as being specialised and difficult to learn, they are not with the right tutors and applied practical experience. We take our responsibility seriously to enable the next generation of students to develop the skills they need to be able to operate effectively in the new marketing environment.