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Quora Playbook for Marketers

July 10, 2017

Please find attached our latest updated Quora Playbook 2017 designed for marketing, content strategists and PR professionals seeking to maximise the deployment of Quora strategy for marketing

Marketing User Guide to Link Bait

March 11, 2016

Link bait is a permanent and vital part of any link building/ SEO strategy and is one of the most effective tactics any online marketer can deploy because it forces marketers to think deeply about customer preferences and what type of product content is good enough to engage your online audience.

You can use this free downloadable Marketing Guide to Link bait which provides simple ideas for creating link bait and maximising distribution. Enjoy and we welecome any feedback

Download here

Four content types which will get you noticed on LinkedIn

June 11, 2015

LinkedIn has traditionally been a very text-heavy social network for professionals, but has evolved into a fantastic visual platform for showcasing your own or your company’s work. Recent integrations including Slideshare and Pulse, and the launch of the LI’s Professional Portfolio now enable you efficiently upload images, videos, presentations and documents to showcase your work.

What contenBelow are four content types which will get you noticed on Linkedin

– Publishing content on LI Pulse Platform

With access to its Publishing Platform, you essentially have your own on-site blog.

Fig 1 author’s Pulse Page


– Leveraging slideshare on your profile

Including SlideShare presentations on your LinkedIn profile or company page is a great marketing play. This enables you to showcase your projects, ideas, research and helps you build your reputation as a thought leader in your niche. Please refer to page P.11 for further information on uploading slideshare content

– Images and visual content

Quality images and visual content are also very effective for generating engagement on Company pages

Fig 2: PWC using Infographics on their company page


Note the level of engagement above increases using images

Fig 3; Architect clever user of profile pages add compelling visuals to showcase your work

– Online Video

Online Video humanizes you and your brand. When done well, a video can trigger powerful emotions that lead to increased engagement and trust. Video is excellent medium for building trusted connections via LinkedIn.

Fig 4: Timely Video: content used by Old Mutual Wealth to demonstrate their retirement product. This content was supported by Sponsored advertising to maximise distribution:


LinkedIn offers a unique platform to showcase your unique content to 18 million subscribers in the UK and 330 million subscribers globally>

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