Strategic considerations for bringing your SEO inhouse

The importance of SEO to digital marketing is still the most cost effective channel for customer acquisition, on average for major brands SEO referred website traffic can make up to half of the referred enquires and this can be more for bigger brands,and the speed and impact of recent Google updates, the recent Panda and Penguin updates as examples means that managing your SEO in-house makes strategic sense. The questions is can you afford to have a service like SEO which is so important to most business at arms length.

Heled Jones, inhouse SEO for Confused wrote an excellent Blog post regarding the pain of this realisation. I think the case is clear but these are some of the considerations:

  • Cost benefits of bringing it in-house- equipping you in-house with the necessary tools
  • Resourcing- How do we build a talented content outreach team for our vertical market
  • Measurement- What additional resources do we need inhouse to provide better management
  • Training- how do we train the team inhouse



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