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Quora Playbook for Marketers

July 10, 2017

Please find attached our latest updated Quora Playbook 2017 designed for marketing, content strategists and PR professionals seeking to maximise the deployment of Quora strategy for marketing

Our new chat bot, try it now

November 9, 2016

Below is our new Chatbot developed on the conversational Chat Bot platform API which will answer all your questions, enjoy and we welcome any comments

Marketing User Guide to Link Bait

March 11, 2016

Link bait is a permanent and vital part of any link building/ SEO strategy and is one of the most effective tactics any online marketer can deploy because it forces marketers to think deeply about customer preferences and what type of product content is good enough to engage your online audience. You can use this free downloadable Marketing Guide to Link bait which provides simple […]

Four content types which will get you noticed on LinkedIn

June 11, 2015

LinkedIn has traditionally been a very text-heavy social network for professionals, but has evolved into a fantastic visual platform for showcasing your own or your company’s work. Recent integrations including Slideshare and Pulse, and the launch of the LI’s Professional Portfolio now enable you efficiently upload images, videos, presentations and documents to showcase your work. What contenBelow are four content types which will get you […]

How to use Linkedin Showcases pages to grow company advocates and reach out to differing audiences

January 27, 2015

Using Linkedin successfully for Company branding is about understanding the detail of lesser known features which are often free and seeing how these features are benefiting your Company Profile. Linkedin Company Showcase pages are one such feature. Company Showcase pages were introduced at the end of 2013 and replaced the company Product and Services tab on Companies Pages. Showcase pages are a subcategory or extension […]

3 Unknown LinkedIn Recruitment Strategies which will deliver success in a competitive market

January 20, 2015

Capital Economics, one of the London’s most pessimistic forecasters, believes the UK economy will beat expectations by expanding at 2.5% in 2015, with growth set to accelerate by as much as 4% in 2016. This is the most positive outlook of data for 7 years. This is great news for ambitious candidates looking to move jobs but poses a significant challenge for recruiters seeking to […]

How to Generate Quality Business Leads using LinkedIn

September 22, 2014

Linkedin is recognised at the number 1 B2B platform for busy professionals with 15 million active UK users and over 300 million worldwide. While it does not touch Facebook in terms of numbers of subscribers it is a fantastic and unrivalled platform for researching and developing excellent new business contacts which can be developed into clients over time. Knowing how to leverage the searches and get […]

4 tips to execute your digital strategy like the German Football team’s humiliating destruction of Brazil

July 9, 2014

The German Football team beat the Brazilian football team with an incredible 7 goal battering last night and executed one of the worst sporting humiliations on a host country in the history of the World Cup. So what did we learn about successful execution from the German Football team and how could this be applied to our digital strategy? Below are some tips: 1) Don’t […]

Free online resources to sharpen your digital marketing skills

June 23, 2014

The quality and access to free eLearning such as MOOCS (definition: Massive Open Online Course) has in my opinion improved dramatically in providing top quality learning content in easily assessable formats which can be learnt on the move. This article recommends four free low cost quality eLearning resources for those seeking to get up to date with their digital skills . Our recommendations below are […]

Strategic considerations for bringing your SEO inhouse

April 9, 2014

The importance of SEO to digital marketing is still the most cost effective channel for customer acquisition, on average for major brands SEO referred website traffic can make up to half of the referred enquires and this can be more for bigger brands,and the speed and impact of recent Google updates, the recent Panda and Penguin updates as examples means that managing your SEO in-house […]