4 tips to execute your digital strategy like the German Football team’s humiliating destruction of Brazil

The German Football team beat the Brazilian football team with an incredible 7 goal battering last night and executed one of the worst sporting humiliations on a host country in the history of the World Cup.

So what did we learn about successful execution from the German Football team and how could this be applied to our digital strategy? Below are some tips:

1) Don’t omit your most important talent at your most critical moment

Obvious but the omission of Neymar and Silva left a gaping hole in defence which Germany completed exploited. This meant that the foundation and the spine of the Brazilian team was looking shaky before a ball had even been kicked.

Could you imagine John Lewis’s best digital marketing talent all going on holiday over the peak Xmas trading period? I don’t think so

2) The importance of a cohesive team 

The Brazilian team were completely reliant on a couple of players to lead them. With Neymar out of the team there were no back up leaders and the team looked nervous, disjointed and completely rattled.

Germany on other hand had leaders all over the pitch blending great team work with purposeful passing. This majestic team work inevitably led to a flurry of goals, 5 in 10 minutes before half time.

As the pace of change in technology accelerates and digital marketing spreads across business into new areas such as customer service PR and content it is critical that you build a team which blends the right skills, experience and personalities so that the future success is not dependent on one of two key people.

3)  Think long term

Germany’s demolition of Brazil last night has been 10 years in the making. When Germany failed to emerge from their group stage at Euro 2004 wise heads and the Deutsche Fussball worked with the Bundesliga clubs to foster a national football revolution through nurturing long term talent through academies and not duelling with the club system paymaster like the English FA does with the powerful Premier League working for a cohesive long term goal.

Compare the German approach to that of a stand out digital business like Amazon. Jeff Bezos’s of Amazon’s mantra since 2007 has always been ‘think about the long term’. So much so that he is regularly announces to his shareholders as he did in 2013 that Amazon will be delivering very little profit with all the surplus money invested back into new innovations such the Kindle, the new Amazon phone and improving delivery via Amazon Drones.

So don’t just think 1 or 2 years but what will your digital strategy look like in 5 or 10 years?

4) Commit your digital strategy to long term training and education

Germany had relentlessly trained for this moment and were ready. Their movement was scintillating, their finishing ruthless, their style delightfully rhythmic. They were in every way outstanding.

Digital marketing and the skills required to excel in the future will evolve and change at an accelerated rate. The digital winners, like the German football team last night will be those who commit to lifelong learning and education.





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